Hey I’m Jack.

I was taking Adderall for more than twenty years.
Then I found mushrooms.
No, not magic mushrooms. (Well, okay, maybe a few times...) But as it turns out, basically all mushrooms are magical and my purpose in life is to share this with the world!

As someone who’s had trouble focusing since...forever — to the extent of being dosed with state- sanctioned speed since the age of five — I was ready for some magic.

In an effort to live without Adderall while still being a productive member of society, I tried a bunch of different diets over the past several years: keto, vegetarian, paleo, sugar-free, alcohol-free, etc — in various combinations.

Then I started experimenting with mushrooms.

After hundreds of hours of researching scientific research papers and experimenting with various supplements and nootropics, I found that functional mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Chaga — especially when combined with Nootropics like L-Theanine and Collagen — offered the best results for reducing stress brain fog and increasing focus, productivity and energy, all without taxing my physical or emotional health the way Adderall or lots of coffee did.
Why did I start Everyday Dose?

I started Everyday Dose to share an accessible wellness regimen that’s helped me more than I can believe. I’ve gained control of my life — without compromises — and my mission is to share the power of mushrooms and nootropics by making everyday products healthier – starting with functional coffee.
"I hope Dosing changes your life as much as it changed mine."


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